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  • The Fresh Connection

    The Fresh Connection is a cross-functional business simulation which motivates your team to deliver optimal performance by using supply chain management best practices from real-world situations.

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  • Lean Healthcare

    Are you a hospital administrator wrestling with balancing high customer service expectations with staffing constraints?
    Using the tools and methodologies of Lean you can become more efficient and reduce costs, while ensuring that each patient receives the high quality care they expect.

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Are you an operations manager looking to improve efficiency in your product lines?
    Lean manufacturing is an extremely effective way to achieve this and other competitive advantages. By using the principles and methods of lean, wait time, queue time, and other delays or 'wastes' can be greatly minimized or eliminated.

  • Lean Enterprise

    Is your desk cluttered with paperwork?
    Lean Enterprise (or Lean Office) is the idea that lean principles are not exclusive to manufacturers. Eliminating non-value-adding activities from every aspect of your business is a concept that can and should be applied to any business environment.

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Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting

Expert implementing lean methodologies into three separate environments: health care, manufacturing, and office enterprises.
Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

If you are searching for a effective method to develop leaders with character and competence, then leadership coaching is the answer.
Operations Management

Operations Management

For anyone who manages the people, materials, equipment and information resources that a business needs to produce and deliver its goods and services.
Chuck Nemer

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    About the Guru of Biz

    Chuck Nemer is a trainer and consultant in the areas of Lean, Leadership, and Operations Management. He has experience in various phases and forms of organizations, and his approach to training and consulting is very practical and people oriented.

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