I took Operations Management training from Chuck through North Central Technical College in 2018 and because of what I've learned I've been able to implement positive change and improvements

- Materials Control Specialist

  North Central Wisconsin Coil Manufacturer

I received a raise and a promotion because of Chuck's Operations Management training.  I have a staff who reports to me as well and we are applying what I've learned to make improvements

-Inventory Supervisor

 North Central Wisconsin Packaging Manufacturer

Chuck's 2 day Supply Chain training with The Fresh Connection was AMAZING!!  By the end of the first day of training I was worn out because of the engagement and excitement.  It was like stopping in the middle of a mystery show and I couldn't wait until the next session to see how it all turns out.  It was an amazing experience and I finally understood why Supply Chain Management is such an important topic

-Production Scheduler

Medical Device Manufacturer, MN.

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Chuck Nemer provides incredible educational support for both faculty and their students when they are engaged with the Fresh Connection game. His experience and in-depth knowledge of both supply chain operations, and how the Fresh Connection simulates real-world complexities and trade-offs, make the game really come alive for the students. The level of support he provides is truly extraordinary. He loves interacting with our student teams and he encourages them to reach out to him whenever they have a question or experience a challenge. Who but Chuck gives students his cell phone number and responds to help requests at 7am on a Saturday morning?? I have been using the Fresh Connection in my master’s level Supply Chain Collaboration class for five years now. The game itself is marvelous and the students love it. Chuck’s ability to work with me on curriculum development to integrate the game into our class content has been invaluable. Working with Chuck is just a pleasure. With his keen insights, his exceptional instructional ability, and his affable nature, Chuck has been indispensable in helping my students to grasp and address truly complex and practical concepts in the supply chain.

- Professor

State of Washington University