You have to constantly change and constantly adapt if you want to have a chance at success

It seems like today the minute you do something new, somebody else is copying it and offering it for less money, or leapfrogging your new idea with something newer and now we’re obsolete. We see this in electronics all the time. What does this mean for us then? It means we are in a race to be the first one out of the blocks constantly with new products and new ideas. All this just to stay out in front. Even then, there’s no guarantee customers will want what we have to offer. Without constant change, our business will drop off and we’ll be out of business

We can learn about change from nature

Taking the question of “what does this mean for us?” a bit further means we have to ask the question from an organizational perspective. It means we have to have resources, people and machines that can constantly change and constantly adapt. People wise this makes me think we’ll be in continuing education the rest of our working lives. We’ll have to constantly learn and refine new skills. It also means we have to get into a mindset where we look at our skills from a “building blocks” perspective. We will have to look at how we can combine and recombine different ”building block” skills into new and unique combinations that entice the customer to buy. A further extension means we have to be faster at combining and recombining than our competition and we have to be faster than our competition at acquiring new building blocks.

What do your blocks look like?

This concept equally applies to every department in a business. Marketing has to find new ways of reaching customers. Accounting has to find new ways to manage funds, etc., etc., etc.

What it means to you and I in Supply Chain is a couple things. First, we have to help our employees become flexible. We have to help them design and implement the fastest most flexible systems to react to constant change. It also means we need to help them become more agile and flexible in acquiring and deploying new building blocks. It also means we need to stay out of their way at times and let them get on with the business of doing business. Lastly it means you and I as leaders need to help our employees exist successfully in an environment of constant change.

For the foreseeable future I don’t see anyone paying us to go slower