Characteristics of a good leader

Since 2001, I have spent much time pondering leadership characteristics, what makes for a good leader, and specifically what do I and others want from our leaders. Many leaders have written about leadership, but I have yet to come across anything written about leadership by an employee verbalizing what they want from their leader. Many times, I have started making my own personal list of characteristics I want in my leaders, only to throw it away out of frustration. I knew compiling a list of leadership characteristics was important to me, yet trying to assemble a representative list felt as elusive as my understanding of leadership was back in 1999. Today, I finally feel I have a list of characteristics that works for me. Colleagues and students have reviewed my list and found it to be a good representation of what they too want in a leader. These characteristics are as follows:

· Integrity

· Genuine

· Wise

· Passion and Knowledge for What They Do

· Able to Execute

· Entrepreneurial Daring

· Willing and Knowing how to Help/Dive In

· Intellectually Curious

· Love of People

· Committed to the Common Good

· Knows How to Have Fun

There is no significance in the order except in how they came to my attention. Starting with my next post, I would like to share with you my thoughts on each characteristic, and its role in what I want from my leader. For now, I would love to know what you think of the list and if there are others that are important to you, and why