A story I worry many people are facing:

Javan is staying put for at least the next two weeks with the pandemic but is already looking out ahead and worried because he lost his job, wants to keep food on the table, and a roof over his head. He watches the news and recognizes that economies are going to shrink and lots of people will be thrown out of their job. “How are these companies going to rebuild their businesses fast enough to re-hire me? And how am I going to compete with all these other people for a job and stand out?”

I get what Javan is wrestling with. He probably has it harder now than I did. I lost my job in the 2001 dot-com bust and had just promised our son we’d help with college costs. We had just built a house a couple of years before that and things were tight. I chose to go out and work for myself, but that is a choice that is not for everyone. BUT I MADE A BIGGER CHOICE. I made a promise to myself to always help others going through what I went through and are probably going through today.

I would tell Javan this as it regards education and competing for a job.

1. Start looking at the jobs that are out there you would want to go back to work at right away and see what the skill requirements are

2. Apply for the job

3. Start learning about each and every skill needed and building that skill set

Javan would probably respond with, “And how am I going to pay for that given today’s environment?”

My response would be:

“Contact that education provider and see what they can do to work with you financially to make things work for both you and them. Search out as many as you need to, until you get something that works.”

I would also tell Javan:

1) Make sure they have a plan that includes walking with you every step of the way

2) They will back up their work

3) Recognize and accept that if you don’t do something it’s going to be harder for you and you need to do something that makes you stand out.

4) And to buckle down and commit to doing the learning yourself as well

I myself have sat down and struggled mightily trying to figure out how I’m going to survive these hard times and deliver training to folks who are in Javan’s position. I can’t give it away for free unfortunately, but I have to come up with something. I’m happy to say I’ve figured it out for myself and a person in Javan’s position.

If what Javan is going through is what you are going through, reach out and let’s talk. I’m happy to help as much as I can. Whether it is what I teach or somebody else, I’ll help you talk it through and find it.

For myself, I teach the following:

CSSC: Certified Stores and Stock Controller

CHSCA: Certified Healthcare Supply Chain Analyst

CPIM: Certified Production Inventory Management

CSCP: Certified Supply Chain Professional

CLTD: Certified Logistics, Transportation, Distribution

Experiential Supply Chain Management Courses with Simulation

The Fresh Connection: Supply Chain Management

The Cool Connection: Supply Chain Finance

The Blue Connection: Circular Economy and Supply Chain