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Tom Tom Says: As a leader are you looking behind or ahead?

As a leader, are you looking ahead or behind you?One of the problems with me being a small dog is the world looks very intimidating.  Everything looks so big and overwhelming.  Try this sometime, lay down on the ground, on your stomach, and look up and around you.  Looks a little different doesn’t it?

Tom Tom’s right.  As a leader the world can look big and intimidating.  it becomes very easy to look back to what’s worked in the past and behind you because it’s safe.  But the world is changing all the time and faster too.  It takes a special courage to look out ahead into the unknown.  Good leaders do look behind them but as to not forget what they’re core values and practices are as well as not to lose their perspective and context.

If you’re interested in looking out ahead, check out the book titled “The Art of the Long View” by Peter Schwartz.  It’s been around a while but its a great one.  Also look up the idea of Scenario Planning.  It’s all about identifying possible future paths and the milestones that tell you what path you’re on.

By the way, Tom Tom bumped into the wall a couple seconds later…… Spent too much time looking behind him (get the hint????)

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